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    Worst Ideas for Remakes or Sequels


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    Worst Ideas for Remakes or Sequels

    Post  Horselover1289 on Thu Oct 18, 2012 3:41 pm

    I thought it would be fun to share everyone's nightmare casts for remakes or sequels. They don't have to be limited to real life actors, either. For example, Disney's the Black Cauldron with a cast of (in order of appearance):
    Taran- Shia LeBoufe
    Princess Eilonwy- Kristen Stewart
    Fflewddur Fflam- Justin Bieber
    Gurgi/Doli- Nick Jonas
    The Horned King- Alvin the Chipmunk
    Dallben- Kevin Jonas
    King Eiddileg- Frank N' Furter (I couldn't make it a cast completely devoid of talent.)
    Ordu- Twilight Sparkle
    Orwen- Queen Crysalis
    Orgoch- Fluttershy
    Pryderi (Brand new character introduced in the remake to complete the family)- Joe Jonas

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