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    Recrutment Rules


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    Recrutment Rules

    Post  5t4r5cr34m on Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:22 am

    Roleplaying Recruitment Forum: Rules

    1) When recruiting for roleplays, you cannot refuse to recruit someone based upon his or her real age, race, gender, or other similar factors.

    2) However, you can refuse to roleplay with someone for other reasons, such as if they do not roleplay in the style that you want. In other words, if they post one-line actions and you want full paragraphs, you do not have to let them in your RP - this should be stated in your recruitment post.

    3) Remember to keep all roleplays appropriate to this site.

    4) This forum is for recruitment only. Do not RP in here. Group RPs and 1x1 RPs have their own forums to be posted in.

    5) You cannot recruit for off-site RPs. This forum is only for RPs on Silver RPG.

    6) When creating a thread here, you may post twice in a row: one for background information on the roleplay, and one for a list of characters in the roleplay.

    7) If you are recruiting for one-on-one RPs, you are limited to ONE thread per user. You are allowed to edit/update your thread as often as you like with new ideas/plots/requirements, and are allowed to bump the thread once it has fallen off the first page.

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