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    To Defy Death


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    To Defy Death

    Post  Horselover1289 on Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:32 am

    Name: Death, La Morte, Mors, An Bás, Thanatos, Dullahan, Ankou, The Grim Reaper, Tod. Really, It has a name in every language.
    Gender: Ambiguous, takes both as it needs to.
    Traits: Possesses a sadistic streak, sometimes delighting in taking young lives. Sometimes, though, it shows a spot of mercy. Is also disgusted by some of the more prolific and disturbing serial killers, who It hates even though It takes the victim's lives in the end. Easily bored and constantly looking for amusement, a casualty of being around for as long as It has been. Takes an interest in human lifestyles and inner workings, though this will rarely make an impact on It doing Its job. Is incapable of either love or fear. It can however, develop a fondness towards a human, though, once again, this rarely makes an impact on Its job. If It was in any other job, it would be commendable, really. As it is, it makes It seem heartless (which, technically, It is.)
    History: It's Death, what can you say? It's been around for as long as life itself. It can be in multiple places at once and, sometimes, will even hold conversations with itself to alleviate boredom. It's been stalking Julia since she was a young child, killing anyone who dares get closer to her. It has made itself her guardian, making it so that nobody remembers her for long. It's motivation is unclear for this, from having developed a fondness for the young girl to delighting in pulling her away from the world. Perhaps it's even a mixture of the two.
    Appearance: Has no fixed one, it can transform into anything It pleases.

    Image obtained from Doll Divine
    Name: Julia Pontmercy
    Gender: Female
    Traits: Unconfident, with a frequently scared look on her face. Insanely shy due to her relationship with Death, who terrifies her. Is pessimistic, believing that by now her life can only get worse.
    Appearance: Light brown hair and blue eyes with pale face. Always wears black, sometimes with a trace of white.

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